Ari kids celebrate milestones

Yesterday it was my colleague Nikki’s birthday. We live in the same suburb and were leaving the office at the same silly hour last night and shared a taxi home. We decided to stop somewhere in our ‘hood for dinner to celebrate the special day. Nikki, having lived in Ari for a while and being a very hip gal knows the best of everything and was keen to show me a konjee place she likes. I let her (begged her to) order everything because she knows the place and by virtue of being Thai could even read the menu.


Nikki basking in the glory of her masterfully ordered feast.


Sarah basking in her astute choice of friends

Take a closer look at the tasty little morsels to my left (your right). On the menu they were called crispy shells which cleverly excludes the name of what you actually eat, which is some kind of snail or other creature that resides in a shell. They were pretty tasty. Also on the menu: tom yum, grilled fish and mixed vegetables. Excellent!


2 thoughts on “Ari kids celebrate milestones

  1. Lara

    Had you finished eating in that photo? Nickys utensils are together but there is so much food still in the middle of the table!

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