Where art thou gym?

I went to the gym on Monday night to find it closed and the door covered in about 6-7 notices. Three of them included some English:

One in the top left corner said: “If don’t want to move to our other branch come in and speak to A and she will give you a refund on your membership”.

One in the bottom left corner said: “From 15 to 30 December we are open from 8am to 5pm. We apologise for the inconvenience”.

The third sign, in the top right corner said: “Due to maintenance we have no electricity and water today”.

I don’t really understand what’s going on, and whether this hints at my gym closing down forever or whether this is just an interruption for two weeks, but I was bummed out. I’ve become a bit of a gym lover and my visit on Monday night was the first in three days, and the second in a week. I had fallen out of my gym routine and was keen as mustard to get back into it. I might otherwise have taken this as an enforced gym holiday, but because I had already taken one that didn’t really seem like much fun, so I decided to go for a run in the street instead.

I wasn’t sure how a run would go because the footpaths are kind of crazy and there are lots of cars everywhere, but I gave it a shot in the quiet-ish streets around my building and it was brilliant. I got lost a couple of times, going down dead end lanes and losing track of the main road, which was good because it kept me going for a while. If I knew where I was going I probably would have ended up back at home too quickly. Now that I know the circuit I might a) intentionally get lost again, or b) run around in circles.

I really enjoyed this run because I saw streets I hadn’t seen before and I felt connected to the ground in a way that doesn’t happen when I take taxis and the sky train everywhere. There are also restaurants hidden all over the back streets. One was called “Honey Love: I’m in Love but I’m Lazy”. It was packed to the rafters (on a Monday night) and had a live band playing. I have no idea how I’m going to find it again, hopefully I will get lost in the same place again.

The other good thing that came out of this run was the strange iPod flaw that means once you’ve started the stopwatch you can’t use any other function. To keep track of how long I’ve run I start the stopwatch but then I can’t adjust the volume of my music or skip when a bad track comes on. It does mean that when I hit noisy streets my music was drowned out, but then I also couldn’t do my fickle track skipping I have a habit of doing and enjoyed some tracks I otherwise would have passed by.

The down sides of running are obviously the pollution and traffic, and that I go out at night so can only stick to the well-lit streets, but apart from those things I think running will become a regular fixture, if my gym opens again or not.


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