Karaoke and tap dancing highlights

For the first time in weeks I can’t think of anything to write about. After last weekend’s long weekend extravaganza, this weekend seemed tragically short. Perhaps if I recall the minutiae of the weekend a gem will pop up somewhere.

I was a bit sick last week and by Friday night didn’t want to fight it anymore, so I went home and sat on the couch. Ro brought junk food to my couch and answered all my West Wing questions for hours. By Saturday morning I was pretty much cured.

After sobbing my way through the final chapters of Little Women on Saturday morning I realised the time for Christmas shopping was upon me, so did a serious Jatujak Market mission. Many hours later I found my way out of the labrinth and discovered that I was late for my meeting with Team Saturday Night.

Team Saturday Night

Team Saturday Night

We didn’t actually call ourselves “Team Saturday Night”, that would be really dorky. Attributing the name on a blog later…well, that’s just awesomely cool.

We joined some friends of friends for karaoke and tap dancing at Tuba in Thong Lo. The host actually tap danced. That was pretty special.

Tap dancing the night away

Tap dancing the night away

And then…the singing started.

Team Saturday Night

Team Saturday Night

I didn’t take my camera out that night (shame Sarah, shame) so I’m stealing these photos from my friends’ facebook pages. Thanks guys.

The novelty sized long island ice teas helped the singing along nicely.

Just for one

Just for one

Rowan and Meg pretended it was for two…a falsity I assure you.

I didn’t dive in the karaoke on Saturday night, but the karaoke planets aligned (as they tend to in those “oh-my-god-we-HAVE-to-do-that-song-!” moments) when Rowan suggested It Must Have Been Love by Roxette. Why Rowan, how did you know that is my no.1 karaoke song of choice?!! So Rowan and I sang together, with many back up singers in the room (it was a crowd pleaser). In my version of history (which might not be too far from reality) we BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN. Yes, on the same stage as a tap dancer we brought it and won.

You don’t really top that moment, so I’ll skip the rest of the night and take you to Sunday.

Hmmm, I don’t really remember Sunday. I did a bit more Christmas shopping but that doesn’t account for the whole day…Oh I know!! but it’s a surprise, so you’ll have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Karaoke and tap dancing highlights

  1. Josh

    A Davie Jones of London (aka “the Goblin King”, wtf?) asked me to say this, I’ve no idea what it’s about, “Now Sarah, you found your way out of the Labyrinth and met your friends. Don’t forget what I told you. And nice that you sang a Roxette song at the Karaoke. Roxette are my cousins. They are goblins, from the Labyrinth, they used to do shows in here. …’it must have been love, but it’s over now’… oh dear cousins, poor things, that song is about they’re not being able to get back in the Labyrith and come home. Christmasses have never been the same without them..(sob sob)” and that’s all he said. I didn’t know what to make of it but he sounded pretty serious about my getting the message to you.

    I like Team Saturday Night!

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