An ode to weekends, the great glory of the week

I am a VERY big fan of weekends. Every Friday I marvel that in a world of work we have two whole days EVERY SINGLE WEEK away from the office. That’s 28.57% of the week with no work!

A recurring theme of my weekends lately has been sitting in cafes for extended periods. Admittedly I’ve often gone to the cafe to do work, but I don’t usually let that mess up my vibe. This weekend though, Rowan and I headed out without a single scrap of work. I’d read about a place near Rowan’s house so suggested we head over there. I had set out looking for Mexican food, but when that didn’t eventuate this seemed like a nice alternative. The thing I read about Agalico (20 Sukhumvit Rd 51) said it had nice tea and coffee and could be located by looking for the old bicycle out the front.

Ro and I met at the BTS and went on a hunt for a bicycle. Finding the bicycle was a cinch, then we went inside and found this:

Rowan and Agalico

Rowan and Agalico

We were pretty pleased with ourselves stumbling upon the cutest, quaintest tea house in Bangkok if not the world. Sadly I didn’t take more photos of the interior but you can see some if you follow the Agalico link above.

Sarah with tea and scones

Sarah with tea and scones

In between courses (1st course: quiche and coffee, 2nd course: more coffee for Ro and Earl Grey tea and scones for Sarah) we wandered out into the courtyard. Oh dear me, this place was even more special than we first thought.

Tell me this cat isn't from your weirdest dreams

Tell me this cat isn't from your strangest dreams

In the Gazebo! (I hope at least one reader remembers Puddle Lane)

In the Gazebo! (I hope at least one reader remembers Puddle Lane)

Kids reading comics and doing homework

Kids reading comics and doing homework (but actually just being a bit cute)

We witnessed a strange gathering at the back of the garden. A group of girls appeared to be styling and posing dolls for a photo shoot. I pretended to be taking photos of the gazebo to take these shots.

Girls with dolls

Girls with dolls

Doll up close

Doll up close

This weekend is a four day long weekend! At my work we only get 10 public holidays a year so getting one on either side of the same weekend is a rare, sweet little miracle (of a plural society that observes both the King’s Birthday and Eid Al-Adha). Just imagine how many cafe sittings I can squeeze into four days! (that’s 57.14% of the week you know!)

6 thoughts on “An ode to weekends, the great glory of the week

  1. Meaghan

    Looks like they were styling Blythe dolls. It’s a massive thing, those dolls.

    Oh, and yes i remember Puddle Lane. I think I can still recall and perform the hand clapping pattern. Wonder whatever happened to Snodgrass?

  2. Elisa

    You’re such a glass-half-full kinda gal. I’m more likely to be thinking ‘Two measly days! And the whole rest of the week being a slave to the man!’ But I think my work/life balance whinge feels a little more acute than usual because of the bastard thesis (WHICH IS DUE IN 10 DAYS!!).

    BTW, there’s totally a king size cherry ripe with your name on it here. Are you coming home for Christmas, or should I take my chances with airmail? (What’s your address?)

    Enough procrastination.



  3. Josh

    that cat could get a job in a Jim Henson film, Labyrinth 2! (yes I know Henson’s departed the horror show, but tell me Labyrinth 2, with Jim Henson Productions, say, maybe his son could direct it, plus Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, featuring Bowie, and this cat, wouldn’t be a total smash!) Why, it could even feature the gazebo pictured, the fountain, even the dolls and girls. But that cat definitely is the link into the spirit world of the Labyrinth. No doubt whatsoever.

  4. Josh

    The dolls are of course real, living beings, left on the outside of the Labyrinth. Bowie says, “They can’t live out here, poor things.”, “Why not?” asks our unidentified protagonist. “Because here no-one believes they’re real… they can only live in an atmosphere of belief, of wonder, imagination… this Earth of yours I’m afraid has gone a bit dim on that score. But you haven’t. And now, near Christmas time, just for a moment there’s a chance, that they, that we, might survive…That’s why I’ve come to see you, you see, to ask a favour…” . “What?” “See that gazebo over there?” (nods) “Well it’s not an ordinary sort of gazebo. You see, standing in that gazebo if you were to say some words” (he whispers into our unidentified protagonist’s ear) “then all this, this whole world, might be transformed…”

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