True Bangkok Stories: Old man taxi scammer

I know Thailand is on the brink of a coup…but there is something more pressing we need to address.

This morning, I came to work in a taxi and the friendly old taxi driver with his ecclectic collection of statues on his dashboard and his grumbling about protests SCAMMED ME! I pulled him up on trying to short change me (by a casual 100 Baht) and he played dumb (like a 500 year old taxi driver hasn’t figured out how to count change yet) and then did all kinds of switcheroo and getting confused and counting out notes…that 2 hours later I realise WAS A SCAM! He short changed me by 100% of the taxi fare! Goodness knows I regularly volunteer twice the amount I should pay all the time just to avoid the haggle. He didn’t need to be so sneaky to get cash from me!

I’ve probably had similar things happen to me in the past but I’ve never noticed before. It’s one of the many benefits of being a bit flakey. The world and its scammers just pass me by…probably removing half the contents of my wallet. But now that I have been exposed to the ugly underbelly of the taxi industry I don’t know if I will ever be the same. I chatted and was friendly to that wrinkly old jerk face. I GAVE HIM A TIP! Oh, innocence lost, how I so dearly miss you…


One thought on “True Bangkok Stories: Old man taxi scammer

  1. elbento

    I sometimes think it’s better not knowing u have been scammed.

    The cash isn’t as important as the negative sentiment triggered by the scam. Not only do they take your money but they give u bad karma 2 boot! Ignorance is bliss. 🙂

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