Is it destiny to meet serene fortune

I’ve creeped people about by writing about them on my blog before, but this time I have upped the stakes and will write about someone I don’t know personally but I know works in the same building as me.

Remember Serena Sorte? I was so impressed with her name which translates to “Serene Destiny” and I reflected on my fortuitous surname.

The other day one of my colleagues called me over to show me the business card of someone with a name very similar to mine. I looked at the name (and realised this person works in the same building), Serena Destiny and Fortune have combined forces to become Serena Fortuna.

I want to meet this serenely fortunate person but how I will orchestrate this I don’t yet know. I keep looking at people’s ID cards in the lift, but what if I see her name? Do I just start up a conversation? What if she isn’t particularly serene?

I’ll post new developments as they happen.


5 thoughts on “Is it destiny to meet serene fortune

  1. Josh

    This is possibly the most ineresting thing that’s happened on Earth this year. We were all, I think, left wondering about this Serene Destiny person and the link to your name which you wrote about – and the curiously poetic occasion of your meeting – it seemed like there was more to the story, and here we are in chapter 2, so soon! I think, suposing she turns out to be a good person, that the three – Serene Sorte, Sarah Fortuna, and Serena Fortuna should meet, and at a place, like if there is one in the world, called “Serena Falls”, for a conference called “What’s going on?”. It’s all so Seren-dipitous! You don’t just get someone called Serena Fortuna working *in the same building* in Bangkok a month or something after meeting Serene Sorte. It’s an international matter of mystery and the world awaits developments… but it may have to be secret talks, I understand that. A serene mystery.

  2. yvonne

    remember when we had the theory that if we ever met up again the world might explode? well since we proved that it did not (and yes…it’s been so long since bosnia!)…i’m *positive* that it would if all 3 variations of serene fortune destiny meet!

  3. Josh

    yes, yvonne has a point, a serious point – and as I suggested the meeting, I would be partly, if not not largely responsible for the end of the world if the meeting was to occur! I think, no doubt, spatio-temporal collapse is likley. Likely, or inevitable? Possibly what will happen is the world will disappear into a single mass of serenity and good fortune, one singular Destiny. In which case, I would be proud of my responsibility! But it’s a serious point to consider which yvonne has raised. This isn’t Dr Who, this is the real world we’re talking about! Gone! “whereissarah” may need re-naming! “whereistheworld”! @singlemassofserenegoodfortune-onesingularDestiny!

  4. Begoña

    Hi, my name is Begoña, I think that the Serena Fortuna you are talking about is one of my best friends who is working for UN!! hope you’ll get to meet her because she is very nice and friendly!

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