Ari wonderland (with extra photos)

I’m in the mood for declaring something this morning. So far today I’ve wanted to say to someone “There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep” (sorry to all those who didn’t get one); “I love Feist”; “getting a taxi at 6.30 means avoiding almost all traffic you’d face at 6.45”. But none of those declarations mean much, which is why I think I’m in the mood for declarations. I’ll declare whatever I can find.

Have I told you about the strange little wonderland I live in?


Bangkok has seen some rapid development over the last few years, and that’s probably the understatement of the day. My suburb is particularly “developed” in the sense that it’s like someone made one of those neat little 3D development plans with the tiny fake trees and people and then turned it into real life. Except maybe this one was made out of playdough and lollies by seven year olds.

This wonderland is actually confined to the shopping complex, which has a fancy supermarket, about four cafes, a few restaurants, a gym, an Apple shop a shop called idress (no relation to Apple) and iberry, the cutest icecream chain you’ll ever see (but maybe not the tastiest icecream).


Now that it’s officially Christmas in Thailand, there are big christmas trees with lights, and angels that Rowan aptly described as fetuses with wings (they’re creepy looking but somehow in keeping with the sugary-sweet crazy land theme).


Now that there are quaint bands (see video above) of every variety (jazz, bluegrass, honkytonk!) every night of the week, the surreal-metre is off the charts.


One thought on “Ari wonderland (with extra photos)

  1. Josh

    strange angels, and, yes, aptly described.

    It’s like if Kurt Cobain designed an angel display to put utside a shop! “I call them strangels – they’re like foetuses with wings”. “Yes we can see that Kurt, what possessed you?” “Well the exhibit is called ‘In Utero Futero, In Bloom'”. “Ah”. “And I’m dead you know, so I guess it kinda makes sense.”

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