Linkitypinks from VSL

Shout outs to VSL which sends nifty things to my inbox each morning. Two extra cool things this morning, the youtube video below (with VSL description) and Sprint which just needs to be visited to be understood. I sure can’t explain it.

VSL Says:

Thirty-nine years ago, a 14-year-old named Jerry Levitan managed to talk his way into John Lennon’s Toronto hotel room. Impressed by the kid’s chutzpah, Lennon obliged him with a five-minute chat that covered war, peace, and the newly arrived Bee Gees.

Last year, Levitan teamed up with filmmaker Josh Raskin to make “I Met the Walrus” — a charming animated film that turns Lennon’s thoughts into concrete images. The results are trippy but cogent, and no less interesting than what the Beatle had to say. Lennon himself would have loved it.

1 thought on “Linkitypinks from VSL

  1. Josh

    That was good, thanks. Very intelligent. One wonders though why and where this sort of spirit, and potent sense of the individual’s capacity to transform his or her society went? Just this sort of speaker and message appears missing now and extraordinarily fresh and alive to hear 39 years later..

    What’s called “climate change”, war, injustice, cannot be fixed without a transformation of consciousness and expansion of love beyond the narrow ego-driven parameters in which capitalism has dwelt, and which come ultimately to be ruinous to planet and people alike. Lennon’s music and words are full of this luminous and very simple understanding, as were Bob Marley’s. It is only a matter of making the heart the guide and the rest falls into place not by force, but by love, by joy. I hope Obama taking office does speak out of this as he has addressed the heart in his approach and attacked the cynicism which has stultified a generation. It is not fanciful when you here it in Lennon’s voice, it sounds sparklingly pragmatic, and is. To even say that there is Christ inside ourselves are words of extreme radicalism in the public eye today if their speaker is not church-bound, as Lennon wasn’t. The West has, perhaps since those days, been largely dormant to its own spirituality and inner resources, such that to mention these things – love, peace, joy, Christ – is heard like some strange language. Vaclac Havel – former President of Czechoslovakia, realised this, in his address to the nation after the Velvet revolution. He said, “The worst thing is that we live in a contaminated moral environment. We fell morally ill because we became used to saying something different from what we thought. We learned not to believe in anything, to ignore one another, to care only about ourselves. Concepts such as love, friendship, compassion, humility or forgiveness lost their depth and dimension, and for many of us they represented only psychological peculiarities, or they resembled gone-astray greetings from ancient times, a little ridiculous in the era of computers and spaceships.” But we need waking up to it! This language over-brimming with meaning is really about who we are, it is no religious or ideological fiction, and to deny it is to deny our public selves, thought and discourse of breath and reason to be. The Beatles signify a majesty of imagination utterly lacking in contemporary culture, it is more than Barack Obama that we need – yet he is perhaps the signal-post – it is a renewal of a sensitivity to boundlessness in our creative and pragmatic actions; that which stands utterly free of ‘theory’ as that word is understood today, and is a renewal of theory as it stood in classical times, to quote Stanley Rosen, “a view upon eternity”, “a gazing upon the eternal order” (ie., something for which “love, friendship, compassion, humility, or forgiveness”, do not stand foreign, but united and in utter simplicity)… today’s ‘theory’ by contrast to this (in general, I mean, ‘post-modernism’) is a self-inflicted and grotesque impoverishment and collusion against the heart and meaning of these words and against the very expressions like “eternity”, “eternal order”. What Lennon says is visible in the flower is the truth, everything “if you look long enough all answers are in it and same with the music”- so should be our own creations, as the Beatles were. This “profound whatever”, not “whatever”.

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