fare thee well and feed me delicious food

I’ve been in Bangkok for over a month so I think it’s time I posted some pictures of my farewells in Melbourne.

As usually happens, on  my last night in town the fam got together for dinner. As usually happens Jess made cupcakes, which is probably my favourite Fortuna family tradition (apart from everyone getting together in the first place).

Early in the evening I asked the girls to come outside so I get some photos of them before it got dark and these were the poses the girls thought apt.


They’re ridiculous. I didn’t prompt them in the slightest, it was more like “Oh I know! Let’s lie on the grass and look like we’re selling socks in a target catalog!”


There was also some inexplicable tree hugging going on. When I asked why they thought it was a good pose, Em was too exasperated to even explain. “It just looks good OK!”

Chloe wasn’t so fussed about posing, but she did need to point out that her pajamas were boys jarmies. (“Today I’m wearing buzz lightyear for armani. I feel fabulous!”)


The excellent thing about have a big immediate family who have a million kids is that getting everyone together for a simple dinner turns into the event of the century. There is no shortage of ceremony denoting my departure when 15 turn up and crowd around a table.

The night before my farewell, I had a special girls only no boys allowed farewell at the European. I’d been hoping for a visit to the European for a while and it really knocked my socks off. Eating rice and chicken off plastic plates while perched on the side of a broken footpath doesn’t really compare to the fancpantsness of our meal that night. The lemon is wrapped in organza. Need I say more.


I’d been harping on about oysters so Lara made it happen. A photo of Lara with Parliament looking a bit special in the background, and oysters in the foreground. Gah, I want to climb into the photo right now and eat every single oyster…and say hi Lara while I’m there, of course.

Clare joined us a little later and the food consumption tipped the scales of delicious as Paul, our man on the ground, kept bringing us tastiness after tastiness. You know what…they had schnitzel! Oysters and schnitzel in one night!? I can’t handle that kind of perfection.


Yes indeed, that is apple crumble soufle you’re looking at. Yes indeed, it was a sweet and delicious morsel, thank you for asking.

I had another farewell party too (greedy no?) Although this one was a “hello, goodbye” party for a few people I hadn’t caught up with in the 18 minutes I was back home. Amanda hosted and cooked her lasagne, which she knows warms the hearts of all, especially Sarah. She called this get together “the Fortch look-in party”.


All the old Fortch classics where there. Bryant even graced us with his self-important presence for a minute or two (I simply must get back to thesis. It’s very important you know).


The guy in the far back of this photo (I don’t remember his name) told the funniest story about the pirated DVD trade in Melbourne. Lemon gelato nearly came out of my nose. I’m still laughing. Other people have built comedic careers on the foundation of a single joke…I think this guy should too.


And we reminisced about Amanda’s and my genius forsight to spend some of the zero dollars we had as students to buy that hand printed White Stripes poster from when they toured sometime in 2002 or 2003. One day we’ll be rich!

Thank you for the fun and yummy farewells guys. I can only imagine the welcome home celebrations will be just as tasty.


2 thoughts on “fare thee well and feed me delicious food

  1. Lara

    Sarah you are just a blur in the photo taken at the European, either I’m a shakey photographer or you’re going for the souffle at speed!

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