My apartment

Without further delay, I present photos of my apartment:apartment

I took this photo this morning because the other photos I had were taken before I had two cute cushions on my couch. The sunlight streaming through doens’t really help for good photos…but I have sunlight streaming through!


When I took photos of my bed I thought, if I saw these photos of a bed beside the window I’d ask the owner of that bed if she made the most of all that sun. Which seemed like a very good point from myself to me, so I stopped taking photos and had a little nap.

So you’ve seen the living room, the bedroom, and a fridge…I bet you’re just dying to know where the kitchen sink is…


It’s on the balcony of course! I’ve always dreamed of al fresco dishwashing, and when I buy a table for my stove top I will be doing al fresco cooking too!

Pretty nice right??


9 thoughts on “My apartment

  1. yvonne

    2 questions:
    does that figurine with the antlers in your room partition belong to you or was it there before?

    does the couch fold out into a bed???? (here’s hoping!)

  2. Lara Kelly

    And do I spot a dressing table with mirror and seat? I might be romantising but I can picture you now sitting and singing as you brush your hair 100 times – no more no less.

  3. sarahfortuna Post author

    I bought the antlered creature from a guy outside my house. Isn’t he great?

    The couch doesn’t fold out but I’m about to buy a mattress and such things for my first guest arriving in a few weeks.

    I do sit at the table and do my hair! I can’t lie!

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