Week three in Bangkok

I was certain last night that I would set myself up in a cafe and update this blog but when I got home there was something else more pressing waiting for me. 24 discs of West Wing from seasons 1 to 4. I’ve now watched eps 1 and 2 of season one and am filled with such joy that I have so many viewing hours ahead of me, to be digested at my leisure. My entree into the West Wing is timely as now I am writing scripts in my head involving Obama and his team moving through the final days of the campaign. Each time I see some footage or read a news article I provide my own back story. It’s fun. My TV dramas are probably far more entertaining and far less stressful than real life for those guys at this stage in the game.

I did upload some photos while I watched but they’re not here on my work computer so another day passes and this blog is still photo-of-my-new-apartment-less. I’ve also got some photos in the “farewell to Melbourne” collection I’d like to post and hope I will do it soon.

Life is settling and work is busy. My social life is dotted with invitations here and there, by no means excessive, but still I feel like I could sleep for a week when Friday comes around. In my spare time I wander around collecting things for my apartment (like plates and bowls). I’m also finding time to read because it’s the perfect balance of low-energy brain activity I want and I can do it from my bed or my couch. I am burning through books so occasionally I find an excuse to go and buy more.

Tonight I will christen my apartment with its first guests and tomorrow I hope I will be out providing back up to happy Americans as they dance the victory dance of an Obama election win.

Photos soon. Promise!


2 thoughts on “Week three in Bangkok

  1. Josh

    photo-of-my-new-apartment-less. I like this bit! It’s a lovely word!

    and “happy Americans”? Happy worldlians! He’s a man who understands that life itself is a dance! Election win or not, his whole spirit and effort deserves a dance.

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