My very own new home

Sunday night

Guess where I am? Sitting in my new apartment! Contracts have been signed, a billion gagillion baht has been paid up in advance, and I’m ready to go…for one year! I am completely weirded out (in a good way) that I will be in the same apartment for a whole year. Such…stability. Perhaps that says a lot for my unrelenting need for change, but it also says ONE YEAR! I might as well decorate!

One of the very cool things about my apartment is that I’m its very first tenant. That means my bed is brand new, and the fridge still has the operating manual sitting in the crisper. I have a big balcony with a beautiful view of a brick wall, but unlike other ‘balconies’ there is more than ‘standing room only’. There is serious lounging potential (if one doesn’t mind a bit of stifling heat). My apartment has a kitchen, lounge room, bedroom and bathroom and all but the bathroom is separated by imaginary walls in my head! Yes, it’s one very multipurpose room, but I love it…a small space designed to to feel a lot  bigger.

Monday afternoon

This is going to sound like a bit of an Oscar’s speech but I really do need to thank a number of people who helped me find the place, do the negotiating, scrape together huge amounts of cash at short notice, etc… There were quite a few factors working against the smooth flow of the day yesterday and as my nerves frayed (convinced something would intervene and tear my new home away from me) I was overwhelmed by the extra help I was getting from people I know well and people I didn’t know at all.

How’s this for a great spiritual problem: I am receiving too much! I needed to send gratitude out by the bucket load for fear of two things. 1) that people wouldn’t know I was grateful, 2) Karmic backlash. I called in favours that weren’t mine to call in! So my favours bank is in serious deficit. I sent out a few shout outs to the Universe in general as I drove along in a taxi yesterday (because, as I might have already told you, the universe is ON MY SIDE in a big way…I have proof), I also did some victory dances throughout the day, but I need to step it the gratitude and the giving. I’m thinking some kind of offering to the gods could be helpful (any and all gods), but I’m also just on the look out for any opportunities to pay it back or forward (probably both to be on the safe side).

Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “My very own new home

  1. yvonne

    it sounds delightful! and a one-year lease too! (i only thought you’d be there for a half a year!)

    yes, pictures, please!

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