Ahh language

When working with people using English as their second language there are plenty of opportunities to giggle at someone’s phrasing (not cruelly I promise!). There are also opportunities to get very confused, as I did today when revising a report. But then sometimes, maybe because the person isn’t as familiar with cliches, the nicest phrasing can happen.

My friend told me in an email today:

“Do you know sometime my baby touch me from inside and I can feel it”.

Doesn’t it send shivers up your spine?! This is the author’s fifth pregnancy so feeling a baby kick is probably not a new sensation, but just by using different words than we hear every day (I can feel the baby kicking) it sounds like magic!


2 thoughts on “Ahh language

  1. Josh

    Yes! That’s fabulous, but better, real!

    Boy we are pretty dull us English speakers to have reduced all feelings of the baby “touching you” inside to the aggressive act of a “kick”! (Not that I know and I can imagine it is a kick too… but maybe not just or always that)Wonderful statement by your friend! It’s like the hardness of the language has been “kicked” in very simply and engulfed by love!

  2. yvonne

    the phrase that always has me going is from a hawaiian girl who said “i am missing him” vs. “i miss him”…i thought this to be more gut wrenching because it sounds like very active missing.

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