Sarah has arrived…

It’s day two in the office and I am trying my hardest to stay focused on work (establishing good habits and all) but I couldn’t hold off posting any longer. Once I sort out internet access outside of the office I’ll pick up the blogging pace again.

There are many things I want to talk about, mostly relating to my office because it’s the only place I’ve been so far, but for now I will just gloat about the glorious garden in the centre of the compound where I work.

My late night of packing before I left set me up for some serious sleepiness this week. Last night I was asleep by 8.30pm but consequently awake at 4.30am, so today I’m a bit daze-y. I decided to rectify the sitation by getting a coffee, but I wasn’t sure which canteen to go to, or how to get to any of them. I could see a nice outdoor cafe from my window and decided that if I could see it I should be able to find it. After a little bit of wandering (pretending to have a purpose because you can’t stumble around like a schmuck in this place) I found the cafe, ordered a cappuccino (Serene Destiny reminded me of the goodness of a cappucino when we wandered the city streets a few weeks ago), and took a seat outside with a view of the garden. Apart from the surrounding white buildings, which were pretty well concealed by various green tropical plants, this cafe by a garden could have just as easily been in a resort as in a workplace. For a place that presumably contains its fair share of stressed out workers, the quiet calm at the cafe certainly hid it well.

It reminds me of the cafe I would go to in Kuching (hello tangent, goodbye productivity). At the end of a work day, maybe once a week or as the need arose, I would walk home the long way and stop in at the San Francisco Coffee House in the lobby of a fancy hotel for a coffee or tea I didn’t really need and some ‘quiet time’. I would sit at the bench that ran along the window and look out over a fairly plain green field that people played a bit of soccer on and that kind of thing. There was something strange about this cafe in that I could go in carrying a bad mood or just general brain busyness and walk out feeling calm, on track, enthusiastic about life’s potential even! I wouldn’t do anything special. Just sit and drink my drink. I think the secret to this place was that no one else I knew in town would ever be there because it wasn’t in the area where we stayed (time alone was hard won when our expat community consisted of 7-8 people with too much time on their hands – and we all lived in the same building). I think knowing that I wouldn’t be interupted was as important to ‘quiet time’ as actually not being interupted. It was like my secret cubby house that no one else was allowed to enter. 

So maybe the cafe in the garden can be a calming escape from the office when needed. It’s missing the guarantee of not being interupted, but I think the good plant energy from the garden will more than make up for that.


2 thoughts on “Sarah has arrived…

  1. Josh

    great to hear you have arrived and found a garden and place for the soul! writing beautifully by the way xx

    Plus there is no harm in mentioning Serene Destiny and the most poetic/extraordinary blog ever… it is a pivotal soul-marker for Where is Sarah I feel, where spirituality and cappuccino come together, I am there, and I’m sure we – in Melbourne – are all! But we can’t interrupt you! It is an uninterruptable healing wonder!

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