On the move again



I’m going to Bangkok in about 12 hours and I’ve chosen to post about how awful packing is rather than doing the packing.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve had enough of goodbyes. They really stink, especially when they are happening such a short time after the hellos. Sometimes they’ve happened in the same day. “Hey, it’s great to see you!…OK, bye.”

Focus Sarah…packing.

7 thoughts on “On the move again

  1. sarahfortuna Post author

    I fit it in my suitcase but then it was over 20kg so I had to take it out. but seriously…I packed my suitcase and just hoped it was under 20kg because Benj doesn’t have scales…It was 19.8kg! perfect!

  2. yvonne

    you’re a packing genius. after being on the go for so long, and often…i’m still overpacked always.

  3. sarahfortuna Post author

    This is exactly my dilemma! But I am proud to announce that I only packed five books! FIVE!

  4. yvonne

    do you do what i do and pack the books that you wont read unless they’re the only reading material you have around? i’ve tried this technique a few times just to get myself to finish “classics” i torment myself with. it used to work, but these days my mind is very good at being distracted by interested (read: not interesting) walls to stare at.

  5. sarahfortuna Post author

    I’ve carried Mrs Dalloway to four countries. Still not past page 25 (but I really like those first 25 pages, so I just read them again!) I’ve only known one person who has successfully read the classics he forced himself to take travelling. The rest of us, maybe just taking up valuable undies space…?

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