Liam and Oliver get baptised

Liam is pretty much the luckiest kid ever because he has ME to guide him spiritually through life.

Liam looking just about as cute as a little fella can look

Liam looking just about as cute as a little fella can look and his naturally beautiful godmother.

Liam and Oliver getting oiled

Liam and Oliver getting oiled

I will be frank in the admission that it’s been a while since I’ve been to church. I’m pretty sure Jess and Mark were aware of that when they recruited me so I guess they’re OK that I’m on a fast track to hell (after all, they’re in the same lane).

The words of any mass are so drilled into my brain from years of going on Sunday that I immediately turn onto autopilot as soon as I enter a church, but when I wasn’t instinctively thinking ‘is it over yet?’, ‘I’m hungry’ and ‘I need to wee’, I noticed the priest’s attempts to make church relevant for the adults, and a bit entertaining for the kids. I liked this guy and thought he pitched his explanations of the rituals at the right level (I’m guessing less than 10 percent of the people attending the baptism regularly attend mass so he was right to assume that his audience was pretty ignorant). He also found time to talk about the Footy Grand Final and the new animated film Wall-E (it was possible he was sponsored by Pixar).

I realised how out of practice I was at going to church when my response to the priest’s strong comments opposing changes to abortion laws in Victoria was “Gee, that’s a bit bold! Is he allowed to say that?”

After the christening, like all good Catholics we headed straight to the pub. Jess found a great room upstairs at the Grandview Hotel in West Brunswick and it was just right for a group of adults and kids, plenty to drink and plenty of space to run around. AND the jukebox only played Billy Idol’s White Wedding, which was lucky because that was exactly what we wanted to hear.

I got to see plenty of cousins and friends and all of those flamin’ brothers and sisters and neices and nephews. Jess made cake with accompanying cupcakes again. Twice in two days! sen-bloody-sational!

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