Reunions (1 and 2)

OK, time to get posting! I want write about my last night in Aceh when the low key taco night turned into a cracker party but I thought it would be funny to take photos on a film camera that I had in my room but (of course) I haven’t had the film developed yet. So I will jump ahead and get on with posting about the series of reunions I’ve had over the last week.

No.1. Ryan Cook’s first birthday

Ryan turns 1

Ryan turns 1

You may remeber Ryan from his brush with fame in Bali earlier this year. Here’s a tip: If you’re a baby in Bali you’re going to get a lot of attention. If you have milky white skin in Bali you’re going to get attention. If you smile and laugh with everyone you meet in Bali you’re going to get attention. Ryan excelled at all three and was consequently the most famous person in Bali…ever. And all this fame well before his first birthday.

His age is slowly catching up to reflect his worldly life experiences as Ryan ticks off the twelfth month of life. Ryan and I, who see eye to eye on most things, both agree that nothing celebrates a milestone better than cake.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Ryan’s benefactor and cake maker, Meaghan, had the very good sense to move the family to Ocean Grove, which, for those of you who don’t live in Victoria, is about as nice as it sounds.

The whole gang of our highschool besties (who are also, fortunately, my 2008 besties) headed down to Ocean Grove and we celebrated all being in the same place at the same time for the first time in forever by eating way too much delicious party food (perhaps that was just me…but there were party sausage rolls….i love them), and getting comfortable with a drink around the kitchen table until well into the afternoon (outlasting the other party guests by a casual few hours). Lucky for us we know Meags would never kick us out so we settled in. We got some group shots but they’re on another camera so I will track them down and tell you all about those great sheilas when I can show you a photo of them.

We probably would have stayed around the kitchen table the whole weekend if we didn’t have reunion no.2 back in Melbourne. So Lara, Amanda, Clare, Elodie and I hopped into Lara’s car and headed back to the big smoke.

Our next birthday was Ksenia’s 28th that involved less cake but about as much booze. Actually, this photo that I took at the end of the night (and have nooooo recollection of) proves that Ksensia’s involved a fair few more martinis.

Alan with Amanda in Trolley. Sarah Fortuna 2008.

Alan with Amanda in Trolley. Sarah Fortuna 2008.

But slightly earlier in the night…..

Photo Magic

Photo Magic

The stars aligned with Lara’s camera to create….Photo Magic. The above photo is of Lara with her camera so not actually a reflection of photo magic, but a record of Lara and her camera on the wonderous night.

Too bad for this blog that I don’t have any of those photos…

While nothing says “birthday” to Ryan more than cake, nothing says “public humiliation with a warm and fuzzy afterglow” to Ksenia more than her Ukrainian mates barging into the frou frou bar with guitars and accordions to sing her a song in Ukrainian.


Ksenia's troubadours

I think the overall theme of the song was “why aren’t you married yet?” So I guess that’s proof that grandma’s nagged messages are quite effectively passed on to the next generation. Grandmas around the world must be proud.

Alan, Amanda, Lara and I outlasted the birthday girl and stumbled home via shopping trolley sometime past the time I could remember.

The next morning involved an early start to make it home in time for reunion no.3 and on my arrival Mary Jo greeted me with, “you’re looking seedy.” Awwww, I missed you too.

I’ll post about the next event that involved waaaay more cake (record breaking amounts of cake) and no booze at all, later.

1 thought on “Reunions (1 and 2)

  1. Alan

    My first visit to your blog… It’s super! For the record, I vaguely remember the trolley, but not any pictures… who was photo magicking then? (and who spells magicking with a k?) Anywho, Enjoy Bangkok! Bon voyage!


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