Night at Star Cinema, Eaglehawk

I’m at home in Rushworth this week busy busy busy  with sleeping, reading and maybe a little bit of working in the garden.

But it’s not all sleepy in regional Victoria. Sometimes we decide to cut loose and paint the town red. Last night we headed over to Bendigo to see a film at Star Cinema.

Star Cinema, Eaglehawk

Star Cinema, Eaglehawk

Star Cinema is a community cinema, largely operated by volunteers, that plays arthouse and independent films at the Eaglehawk Town Hall. Patrons sit on cozy red couches and have a glass of wine or a coffee while they watch the film.

Last night’s event was a dinner and screening of Mamma Mia, which I would argue does not fall into either the ‘independent’ or ‘arthouse’ category, but would definitely fall into ‘cheesy’ or ‘too much singing’ categories.

I think it’s fair to say that my companions for the evening, Mary Jo and Gillian, agreed that there was a bit too much singing, neither of them fans of Abba. I thought I could overlook the soundtrack because I like Merryl Streep and Greece, but even the setting of the film could not overcome the soundtrack and nothing could redeem Merryl Streep acting like a complete dill.

I did learn that the only Abba song I like is SOS. Does anyone else have a soft spot for a particular Abba track?

Dinner was great, especially dessert.

And we also wondered at the historical sites of Eaglehawk.

Eaglehawk Court House

Eaglehawk Court House (Built C 1860s)

Eaglehawk log lock up (built C 1850s)

Eaglehawk log lock up (built C 1850s). Constructed in the early days of the gold rush, people were thrown in the log lock up when they 'disturbed the peace' so they could reflect on their bad behaviour.


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