Where is she now…the element of surprise

It’s moments like this that I can’t resist milking the cheesy name of this blog.

Where is Sarah?

Lara and Clare drinking tea and eating cake

Lara and Clare drinking tea and eating cake

 She’s in Melbourne!! (eating cake and drinking tea with Lara and Clare!)

Well, the cake was eaten last night, but it’s the only photo I’ve taken so far that would somehow demonstrate that I’m actually in Melbourne.  

I was supposed to get back to Melbourne next week but I changed my plan to arrive a week earlier and thought it would be hilarious to keep this news from my family. You know…a bit fun to turn up on someones doorstep unannounced. Jess’s doorstep was chosen because with three kids under two years old I figured the odds were on that she’d be home at 11am on Monday. Part of my sneaky plan included arranging for Jess to pick me up from the airport next Monday (a decoy arrival plan). So yesterday when I arrived at Jess’s house I was unloading the taxi I took from the airport when Jess came out of the house and yelled, “What are you doing here?! Was I supposed to pick you up already?!” Once we’d settled the whole ‘surprise’ element Jess got onto the business of taunting our mother via email, asking her to guess who had arrived unexpectedly on her doorstep. One of the clues: She lived with you for most of her life and she has been very far away.” My mum’s response was “I have no idea who you are talking about because the only person who lived with me that is very far away is Sarah”. Wow, MJ, you’re a bright spark.

Since I arrived home yesterday morning I’ve:

  • cuddled and been vomited on by twins Oliver and Liam
  • read many stories with Reuben, including Pooky the Penguin at least five times
  • caught up on life at school/kinda/creche with Em, Abby and Chloe (and learnt that I have the mind of a 63 year old according to Em’s Nintendo DS Brain Training game)
  • been to a suburban shopping centre
  • eaten sushi twice
  • gotten a new mobile phone number
  • sat in a frou frou Melbourne cafe and listened to all the frou frou chatter around me
  • been to a Japanese bath house (which involved getting naked with Amanda and Clare…a big step for Sarah the prude)
  • gotten the all clear (almost) from the doctors (just waiting for a blood test that will confirm my suspicions that I do not have any strange tropical diseases, but I’m secretly hoping I have some weird asymptomatic disease because that would be kind of cool)
  • opened 12 months worth of mail (I only received two important pieces of mail for the whole year!)
  • had four hot showers
  • celebrated both Clare’s and Amanda’s birthdays belatedly 
  • had dinner with Greg at Wabi Sabi (where the second and most delicious sushi was eaten…and what is with their tempura?! It’s my new favourite food!), and
  • -as depicted in the above photo-had tea and cake with Clare and Lara.

If I keep up this pace I will have completed my “things I want to do in Melbourne” list before the end of the week.


But of course, arriving in Melbourne means departing Banda Aceh, which was not easy. But fortunately for my readers I’ve expressed so much emotion over the last few days that I think I’m done for a while, so I will save you the soppy “leaving Banda Aceh” post for later.

I will post in more detail of my last couple of days in Banda (which I couldn’t post about at the time because it was a secret that I was leaving…get it??!) but I shall leave you with a hint of just how spectacular my ‘low key’ taco night on my last night in town was:

Yes...Simone is wearing a helmet.

Yes...Simone is wearing a helmet.


2 thoughts on “Where is she now…the element of surprise

  1. Meaghan

    You’re what??!! Why am I always the last to know. If Australia goes to war can someone make sure they tell me because otherwise I’ll only find out if a bomb lands on my head.

  2. Josh

    Might I just say… well might I will… that the first photo and description is possibly the best ad for tea and cake in Melbourne’s history – and I don’t even have a *book* about ads for tea and cake in Melbourne’s history, so how do I know? It’s an historical mystery; a ‘mystorical’, if you will. Who doesn’t feel like tea and cake reading about this occasion and seeing evidence? I don’t know. I do. In fact, just to feel like it again, I might re-read and see the photo again. It’s the simple things. The simple things which I love about Where is Sarah? I even looked under the table for you. Welcome back to Melbourne! And if you want to visit, do! Perhaps tea and cake can be arranged.

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