Another post about food…

My colleague Shamila is from Sri Lanka and is well aware of the superiority of her country’s cuisine over some others (not naming any other countries specifically…schmindonesia). So after weeks of us talking about when she could cook for me, on Monday Shamila gave up on me ever getting to her house for dinner and brought lunch to work. The food was so delicious I nearly cried. There was this eggplant dish…oh my…the flavours.

This is Ani getting stuck into it:



Ani is exempt from fasting this Ramadan because she’s pregnant. Congratulations Ibu Ani.

The chef:



I’m sorry these photos are so bad. I usually have to adjust the settings on my camera 100 times before I get a decent picture, but as you can see, the food was disappearing before my eyes and I was getting stressed.


Later the same day I sneaked out of work early-ish to eat ice cream with Simone. On my way to her office I saw this:

Poor police car with nowhere to go

Poor police car with nowhere to go

I haven’t been everywhere in Aceh, but in the places I have been there is absolutely no road that could clasified as a highway. Some roads do have lines painted on them so you know where each lane begins and ends, but does that make it a highway? I wouldn’t think so. This little guy, with his rather pointless sticker (written in english no less), has nowhere to go. Seems a little sad doesn’t it?

1 thought on “Another post about food…

  1. yvonne

    maybe the patrol car is from usaid…from the american people (is how the saying goes?). that might explain the fact that it’s a (1) ford (2) useless (3) written in english.

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