An ode to my office

Today I made a breakthrough. My room was stuffy and it was a bit hot but not hot enough for air conditioning. I wasn’t sure what to do. Until I spied my window. “Can I open it?”. Well, apparently I can! I’ve opened it before but for some reason had to close it almost immediately. I think someone was burning rubbish. Whatever reason that caused me to close it isn’t around today though, and it’s a delight!

Today there is a cool breeze and occasionally a nice woodsmoke smell. The stuffiness has eased and the temperature is optimal.

Apart from finding this room and claiming as my own private office, I’ve not really done anything to improve the space (well, I put those postcards on the windowsill I guess). It’s a little bit dank, but the view is lovely, and I really love my little space.

I’m sure I would have benefited  from paying it some attention (I do spend far more time in this little 4x4m space than anywhere else) but I was just so pleased to have a permanent office that until now I haven’t given it a second thought. There are actually moldy patches on the walls and ceiling (and a leak I discovered last week), piles of junk in the corner.

I will miss my office and am well aware that I will soon be rejoining the world of cubicles. Back to noise, listening to other people’s phone conversations and mobile phone ring tones. Wow, I’m really going to love the pants off this office for the short time we have left together.


4 thoughts on “An ode to my office

  1. yvonne

    do you have a cubicle job back in melbourne waiting for you? or is your bangkok job a cubicle one? or, are you just talking in general in life?

  2. Josh

    yeah, I agree, where did the cubicle become the reality you were returning to? Or is it like a cube-shaped icypole? (i.e. a “portmanteau” of “cube” and “icicle”, for the slow among the congregation!)

    MMM – cubicles, when I get home! MMM! Pity when I’m *having* a delicious cubicle, I’ll have to be listening to other people’s phone conversations, (etc)… drat!

    Is that what you were refering to? A futuristic cubic icypole we haven’t heard of yet? Cuz at the moment, like Yvonne here, I’m *perplexed*! It’s the first paradox of Where is Sarah?! How to fit the cubicle experience in between your coming back and going to bangkok? One reaches for the *portmanteau explanation and hypothesis*!

  3. sarahfortuna Post author

    I’ll be working in a big office building in Bangkok so I imagine it will have cubicles (not the iced kind). bleh.

  4. yvonne

    i like the ganged up confusion of the cubicle.

    but maybe it will have A/C? one can only hope!!!

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