Quick posts for Monday morning

Things are getting busy as I wind up my work here so today I will just post a couple of links instead of a story about my weekend (which, unless you want to hear about the report I’m writing, wasn’t really that exciting).

Thank you to those who gave positive feedback on my new WordPress blog and who have shown interest in the Middle East trip. Now I just have to show extreme discipline to stay focused on work instead of wandering off to sites about Syria and Jordan.

P.S to Greg: YES! That photo of the Pade Hotel…taken JUST DOWN THE ROAD FROM MY HOUSE! Can you believe it??

OK, to the links…

Benj sent me this link this morning. Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait. Wow.

Marcus sent me this article over the weekend. The Disadvantage of an Elite Education. Even if the subject doesn’t immediately grab you I hope you keep reading because there are many interesting ideas in this paper. The part about solitude (towards the end)…ugh, it worries me when someone pegs me so well when talking about ‘my generation’. If my personality defects are more than that (i.e. broad systemic failures)…well, we’re all in trouble.


5 thoughts on “Quick posts for Monday morning

  1. Meaghan

    Thankyou for keeping the How About Orange link on your page. It’s the easiest way for me to get there seeing as though my puter has amnesia when it comes to remembering the link.

  2. benj

    I’m reading that article on Ivy-tardation, when Obama’s half-brother comes on the news. He lives in the “slums” of Nairobi (altho I think America thinks the whole of Africa is a slum), and has lived a completely different life to Barack. This guy has as much presence and composure as the real deal, however he is training to be a mechanic. Here it is:

    Mr. Epiphany seems to think ppl are either Ivy-league smart, other kind of smart, or not smart. How about ppl that don’t have the same opportunities to be Ivy-league smart? How about ppl that don’t aspire to be certified as Ivy-league smart? Does that make them less capable of it?

    Kenyan Obama hasn’t had the same opportunities as his bro, nor does he seem to feel deprived of them. I don’t think that means he is necessarily either “other” kind of smart or not smart.

    I certainly agree tho that Ivy-league brain-washing is one disadvantage I’m glad I didn’t experience..

    ps. I didn’t read the whole thing so maybe he made same conclusions anyway..

  3. benj

    Oh hang on, he sort of did mention it:

    “…being an intellectual is not the same as being smart. Being an intellectual means more than doing your homework.”

  4. benj

    Sorry just had to add this quote:

    “…students who get into elite schools are precisely the ones who have best learned to work within the system..”

    good paper! 😉

  5. benj

    Final comment:

    Altho introspection thru solitude is definitely important for the individual, I think a contempt for privacy trumps the contempt for solitude, as that is something that can be deprived by others – e.g. Google Street View. I wonder if anyone under 25 today has actually read a dystopian story..

    Why aren’t ethics and philosophy mandatory high school subjects anyway?

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