Planning for the Future

I’m in the early stages of planning a trip for late 2009 from east to west through the Middle East and to Eastern Europe. It’s vague at the moment, I’m thinking I’d like to start in Pakistan but it’s probably the least practical place to start a trip, so maybe not, but otherwise I’m thinking Middle East, through Greece, then Eastern Europe.

So….reason for posting this? I need a partner for at least some parts of the trip (safety first people!) and I hope I can plant the travel seed in at least one person’s mind.


3 thoughts on “Planning for the Future

  1. yvonne

    Dear Sarah-

    You are evil. You know very well that I am busy with school until June 2010!

    Will you go back to places like Sarajevo and Dubrovnik? MOSTAR! Please find me those crying puppies.

    I like the new blog, WordPress always looks very cleancut to me. I had to abandon mine though, when Turkey decided to BLOCK it(wordpress, not my blog specifically). I wonder if it’s still blocked there.

    If I join you can we go to Latvia and the UAE? And please, Bahrain? But maybe Israel first. Did I just get you in trouble by writing that country’s name?

  2. Meaghan

    I was thinking the Aussie Cricket team could accompany you through Pakistan, but apparently they’re too shit scared to go there.

    Will continue search for travel buddy. Ryan will be 2 by then. He could be a goer.

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