Thursday morning thoughts

I had a delicious dinner with other AYADs and our graceful leader Nani last night. We ate at the restaurant at the new Pade Hotel.
Pade Hotel

Pade Hotel

I am a big fan of the building and hoped the food would be OK. Well…it blew my expectations out of the water! I ate lambchops! real lambchops. And they were delicious! And there was steak! And salmon!
  • There is an eagle circling outside my office window. It’s huge.
  • Harpsichord is my least favourite instrument. Do others see where I am coming from?

This morning just got better. I wandered downstairs to find something for breakfast and found Dunkin’ Donuts! I ate one and realised that a milo accompaniment would make it that much more special. So I ran to the kiosk next door, bought a couple of milo sachets, had a quick conversation about the correct pronunciation (I say ‘mai-lo’, Indonesians say ‘meelo’) and ran back to the office. As I made it through the door it started to rain. Perfect conditions for milo and donuts were set.

Donut and Milo

Donut and Milo


abbotsford convent







2 thoughts on “Thursday morning thoughts

  1. Simone

    Oh my, that Milo and Donut looks so much better than I was imagining when you described it on skype . . . salivating . . . .

  2. benj

    u know u could just be associating harpsichord with arrogance, coz that was the instrument of choice in Amadeus.. that’s the first thing I think of when I hear harpsichord..

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