Where is Sarah? Find her at WordPress!

Thank you for following the link from my blog’s old home to its new home. Welcome.

In preparation for my planned blog overhaul I was checking out my old wordpress blog and realised wordpress had added a couple of new features since I’d been here last that I liked very much….Like importing every post from Blogger with the press of a button! So I pressed the button.

I’ve noticed that some of the posts aren’t complete and maybe the formatting is a little funky, but I reckon we can manage for now and things will smooth out eventually.

I hope you like it! (P.S. I noticed that this blog looks soooo much better when viewed with Safari….)

3 thoughts on “Where is Sarah? Find her at WordPress!

  1. Meaghan

    So glad your back on the wordpress bandwagon. I’m going to redo my business blog and give it the wordpress treatment.

    Oh, and I dig that one of your tags is ”disease”. Says a lot about your time in Aceh.

  2. Josh

    Hi Sarah at WordPress. This looks just fine, definite improvement. And the background doesn’t seem to be plain boring computery white, but a subtle tone of bone, or ivory. Very warm! Apart from of course the ethical considerations of using ivory in such large qauntity! Think of the poor elephants! And you imported your entire blog! It would have taken a herd to reproduce so much ivory!

  3. benj

    Nice. Just one step away from hosting your own wordpress blog @ whereissarah.com. Altho to be honest there’s not much benefit in that unless u have a community/org of bloggers to host..

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