Things I want to do

Now that I know when I’m getting back to Melbourne I’ve started making a mental list of all the things I want to do while I’m home (a very different list to the one of all the things I must do when I home, e.g., tax, moving out of Gore St).

To spread the word I’ve decided to post a few hints on my blog in the hope that my friends and family (i.e., readers of this blog) want to come along…with your car (no, I didn’t miraculously learn how to drive while I was here. sorry).

I will call this subtle hinting:


These posts will appear whenever I think of something else I want to do.

No. 1. Go to Sassafras.

I had some lovely pictures of a trip Lara and I took to Sassafras last year sometime but I can’t find them. So I stole this image from Google images instead. I think we stopped at this cafe/grocer for drink. The photo is hyperlinked to the blog I stole it from. I also want to go to the toy store, lolly store and flea market with the records and books. If anyone reading this blog can say no to this trip I can’t imagine why we get along.

Please feel free to suggest other things I should do while I’m home.


2 thoughts on “Things I want to do

  1. yv

    and please dont magically learn how to drive in bangkok, either, please…their streets are crazy enough as is!

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