chocolate and dengue

I don’t mean to turn this into a chocolate blog (there are enough in the world already), but I, a gal who is neither here nor there about most chocolate, could not go another day without drawing the attention of my fellow Australians to the little gift from god called:

Club Classic Mixed Berry.

I brought some chocolate back to Indonesia from Australia last month and gave most of it away as presents. I kept this block because I knew a day would come when chocolate would be needed. It was Friday last week when it happened. We were flat, bored and in need of a little adventure, so I gave the block to my colleagues Ani and Inda to try. It had been melted a billion times so it was a little bit weird, but it truly made my colleagues jealous that I could just waltz on into a regular supermarket and buy something this delicious!

When I went looking for a photo for this post I found a blog reviewing Club Classic Mixed Berry which said all kinds of delicious-sounding things about it. But I have nooooo desire at all to describe the texture of the chocolate and the chewy consistency of the berries. Just eat it and have your socks knocked off.

On a less tasty note, I’ve mentioned my house helper Kak Ani on this blog quite a few times because she is basically my Aceh mum (but this one doesn’t get angry when I leave my clothes on the floor, she just picks them up for me and washes them…and irons them and puts them back in my cupboard). This morning she wasn’t feeling well so we went to the doctor and found out she has dengue fever. Hopefully it won’t get too serious (so far it’s not that bad), in which case it’s not a big deal, but she is really scared and sad because as she put it “I’m never sick!” (wow, she does sound like my mum)

The doctor’s orders for dengue fever:

  1. bed rest
  2. drink lots of water
  3. take panadol for fever

Everyone else’s orders:

  1. drink lots of guava juice
  2. don’t believe the blood tests because they always tell you that you’ve got something you don’t
  3. take panadol for fever

Fortunately none of these conflict so we can adhere to both Western medicine and village medicine without a problem. Phew.

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