Because I always feel like I need to continue the discussion

A few points relating to things mentioned on this blog in recent days:

  1. Benjamin, did you think I was joking about eating and looking at bookstores…? Seems like Batu Caves are a cool place to go if my schedule wasn’t already packed. I’ve said that about Batu Caves the last 5 times I’ve been to KL.
  2. Speaking of book shops in KL, Kinokuniya runs rings around Borders and Times. That place is amazing:
    • Great selection of books (I’ve never seen a bookstore as well stocked with as much variety),
    • A section for everything including, philosophy (a whole wall devoted to it), sociology and a dedicated gender section. Greg reported that the history section was pleasingly ordered by subject rather than author,
    • “Bestsellers” walls that were actually just books they wanted to sell, but the selected books were great. Perfect if you’re looking for something new to read without a specific author in mind,
    • Great music playing over the loudspeaker (not too loud, not too soft, not too hideous…this is a warning to Borders that was playing covers of bad 80s songs by bad late-90s bands),
    • Books were where they were supposed to be,
    • Plenty of people to serve, but no one creepily following you around asking if you need help,
    • “self-help kiosks”, a name that received Greg’s scorn, but a good concept none the less. Can search for something on the computer yourself, no need to ask the sales staff.
  3. Cherry Ripe anyone? I ate the one Elisa sent me. OH MY GOD, have they always been this delicious?

Unrelated note

I am looking to buy a new carry-on suitcase but was uninspired by the selection I saw in KL. I did find one I loved but it was so expensive. Fortunately as I negotiated on price Greg thought we were talking 500 ringgit ($165). If he’d known we were talking about USD500 (after 50% discount) he might have dragged me out of the shop. For the record, I can’t afford a USD500 suitcase…but it was sooooo cute…and pink! Can anyone recommend a brand they like? I want it to last until I’m 80 so I’m willing to spend a bit of money (maybe not USD500 though).


2 thoughts on “Because I always feel like I need to continue the discussion

  1. yv

    man, i miss currency conversions! and also thinking that you’ve just bargained yourself a steal and then realizing that either (a) you’re talking about a different currency or (b) the currency you’re talking about is actually more valuable than your base money. boo. p.s. i hate the euro but am v. fond of the 2 euro piece with the owl on it.

  2. Josh

    I read it as “Can anyone recommend a brandy they like?… and then the next bit about it lasting til you were 80, and well I just thought I’d share that mis-reading with you and the world in here!

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