Power returns

The power is back on! It came on last night just as I was about to venture out to find a friend with a generator so I could have a shower.

My bak mandi (the tiled bath/trough that holds water) was mysteriously empty when I got home from work so I had no water at all. I started concocting conspiracy theories (e.g. the cleaner used my water to wash the floors…) and realised first hand the tension and complexity of water politics.

I expected the power to go off again but it seems to be here for keeps this time. And that’s not the only good news.

Yesterday I received two pieces of mail. TWO! One piece of mail was a very cute photo of the twins (who have changed enough that I can’t tell which is which) and the other was this:

A package from the delightful Elisa!

Look at all those lollies and chocolate (the snakes were already half consumed when I took this photo…about 2 minutes after I opened the package).

The blue thing in the corner turns into this!:

The photo isn’t great but I was too excited to worry about photo quality. What a great bag! It’s from Douglas & Hope, one of my favourite shops in Melbourne. I’m so pleased to have something so nice here. I will take it to the shops tonight and dazzle all.

Thanks Jess and Elisa for the great deliveries.

1 thought on “Power returns

  1. elisa

    The base/outside bit is blue! I could have sworn it was red. But then, I haven’t seen it in 3 months or something, so what would I know?

    Glad you like it, girly.


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