My KL agenda

I’m in KL on yet another Visa Run, but this one is different because this time I have a GREG to keep me company. We’re pretty determined to cross everything off our ‘to do’ list. Fortunately the list looks like this:

1. Eat tasty food
2. Look at bookshops

Done and done. and we’ve only been here 18 hours. So for the rest of the stay (I leave tomorrow and Greg a couple of days later), we will re-do the list. Eat more good food and look at different bookshops.

I went to the embassy this morning and had a remarkably efficient time there. The system they have coordinates a series of counters and number taking and it means that 50+ people submitting visa applications can move smoothly in a very small space and any minor obstacles (e.g. forgotten photocopies, incorrect forms filled out) can be dealt with easily. All this and you get your visa later the same day. Quite a different experience to my visit to the Consulate in Melbourne last month. In a room with a three other people waiting quietly I went to the desk with all my forms in order and was told my visa would be ready seven days later. Grrr.

I’m writing this in a creepy, dark and smelly gaming internet cafe that makes you think it’s the middle of the night even though it’s 12pm and sunny outside. So I shall leave now and go outside, but only for as long as it takes to walk to the next mega-super-giant bookstore inside a mega-super-giant shopping mall. I love KL.

3 thoughts on “My KL agenda

  1. yv

    That agenda looks mighty similar to our Belgrade list. Except, we weren’t much hungry and ended up in a place of That-Which-Shall-not-be-named. We passed many bookshops but didn’t have time to go into hardly any of them. We had a horrible long journey bus to catch that, if memory serves me correctly, was travelled with the World’s Largest Man.

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