Dropped the ball

I’ve haven’t updated for a week even though there has been plenty of adventure. I’ll give a quick round-up and catch up on details over the next few days.

  1. Greg is visiting this week. We met in Medan, stayed in the fanciest hotel I’ve ever stayed in (for around $60 per room per night), and eventually made it to Bukit Lawang to see orang utans. It was hard to drag ourselves away from the fancy hotel breakfast and the fancy chairs in the lobby and the fancy blankets they had (in the deluxe suite we were upgraded to because we wanted twin beds)….
  2. but the orang utans made it worth the effort. We only stayed one night and set out early in the morning of our second day for a 4-5 hour hike. We saw a peacock that defied gravity and lots of orang utans…then bolted back to Medan to catch a plane to Banda Aceh…
  3. …That was booked for the wrong night. When we checked in for flight they kindly let us know that our tickets were for the previous night and that there were no more seats on the last flight for the evening. So we went back to the fancy hotel who booked the tickets for us and let them know of our dilemma. After a bit of fussing about we had seats on a flight the following day and a free room for the night.
  4. My wisdom tooth is infected! I have taken a steady stream of panadol for about a week. Is that dangerous?
  5. Standing in the rain waiting for a taxi in Medan, I was helping a nice man move a hardwood bench that had tipped over but he dropped it on my finger and my fingernail is now gross. But it seems like it won’t fall off, so worst nightmare no.1 averted.
  6. Going to KL again this weekend, for yet another visa run…

2 thoughts on “Dropped the ball

  1. Meaghan Cook - Photographer

    ooo, wizzies! Gargle salt water, get some of that antiseptic mouthwash, drink lots of high grage alcohol to sterilize it (and you’ll be so drunk you won’t feel the pain. it’s a win win situation).

    And then when you get home get them the hell outta there ASAP!

  2. yv

    omg, that happened to me. which is why when i have a measily migraine, i try not to use anything because i use the same thing for things such as horrible toothaches!

    btw, your life sounds fabulous. k, thanks.

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