Postcards from my momma getting published

Do you remember that I posted a funny email from MJ on a website called Postcards From Yo Momma a while back?

Here’s the original blog post about it: Things That Make Me Laugh

Well, turns out they liked MJ’s email a lot and plan to include it in a book they are publishing called…

“Love, Mom: Poignant, Goofy, Brilliant Maternal Messages from the Digital World” (due for release in April 2009).

Funny, huh?

I just sent an email to my brothers and sisters about it so went to the website to find the original post to show them. MJ’s email got one comment, and it was a cracker.

overreacting much? lol
sounds JUST like my mother.
all mosquitoes carry debilitating diseases in her eyes.
this is my fav email yet. lol

The funniest part about this, I think, is that when I saw that website for the first time I thought “I bet I could find a funny email from MJ for this” so I opened the most recent email from her, surely enough it was funny, and I sent it in. Apparently MJ, your everyday material can make Americans laugh. Imagine if I offered them your A-game?!

I also think it’s funny that this person with an overreacting mother thinks that MJ is like that too (for the record, MJ just keeps up the appearance of being paranoid to make me feel loved).

P.S. Here is the email they liked so much:


What are you doing getting bitten by mosquitoes?!! You will get MALARIA – and i will have to start worrying about that instead of typhoid. Maybe you have got dengue fever even! Are the drugs working? Are you still alive?


One thought on “Postcards from my momma getting published

  1. elisa

    It’s a corker, alright!

    In other news, I posted your birthday present today. Can you believe it? Neither can I.

    Now we just have to hope that it arrives before you come home…

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