Weddings and other nice things

I spent way too much time alone in my house on Sunday. Today I am jumping around the place at the sight of real live people.

Saturday, however, was packed full of people including these very cute girls at my becak driver’s brother’s wedding. You may recall my becak driver Rijal from my last post. He is the one with the pineapple shrub.

I also went to lunch at my friend’s house. He lives at the beach so a heap of us went for the afternoon to eat his mum’s cooking and enjoy the sea breeze. It was just my kind of party.

Friend Jess just sent me a bunch of photos from K-Rudd day and I found this one that I think is very amusing.

Someone looking like this and standing so close to the PM for no reason is probably the kind of thing his security are looking out for. What a weirdo.

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