Friday night’s the night not to party

It’s Friday night and I should be out of the office but I haven’t posted much this week and I am barely keeping up my posting targets, so I shall post and run.

Many people like going out on Friday after work and letting off steam, but I want nothing more than to go home. I have a feeling that a lot of people feel this way but go out because of pressure from their colleagues/friends. Who else agrees with me?

So, as of today I have 11 weeks until the end of my contract. 11 weeks doesn’t sound like much time, especially considering how fast a single week goes by. Sometimes I think a week is an odd period for us to plan our lives by. I’m all for the two days off in the middle, but you often set aside a week to do something, or expect to have achieved a significant amount between Monday and Friday, but Monday arrives and before you know it, it’s Friday already. Not enough time to have really crossed many tasks off your to do list. I know this seems like an odd statement, and a bit like an old person/unoriginal person thing to say (“oh how time flies”), but if some people can argue that we shouldn’t count by tens* I think we can reconsider the week as well.

Right in the middle of that 11 weeks we have more events planned than for the rest of the year, and they are the kind of events that require more planning than usual. It’s going to be a pretty crazy few weeks.

I haven’t posted a photo in a while, so here are two:

This is a photo taken from my desk. I have a nice view, and it’s especially great at the time of day that this photo was taken. As the goes down there is the call to prayer and everything turns a bit magical. I have gone on about Aceh doing the 6-7pm slot better than anywhere I’ve ever lived, but no research has gone into that claim. In fact, I think the whole world looks pretty good as the sun goes down.

This is a photo of my regular becak driver Rijal and a pineapple tree that made me laugh. It’s tiny and the pineapple is huge. Hilarious no?

*The link I should have given about the Duodecimal system is here. Please follow the other link, it’s the best thing you will ever read on the internet…ever. If you don’t read it you are a heathen

2 thoughts on “Friday night’s the night not to party

  1. Robyn

    And Saturday is clearly the day to read crazy rantings about how being easily divisible by 3 is OBVIOUSLY much more important than being easily divisible by 5. I can’t believe I actually read the whole thing…

  2. yv

    friday night’s not the night to party here either. after work, i completely passed out from 6pm-now (5am). i started out with a power nap in the car just so i would have enough energy to get myself to my bed. OY VEY.

    ps. i miss the call to prayer!

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