Australia: meagre photo offerings

So it turns out I took about ten photos while in Australia and most of them were of Emily striking a pose in City Square.

This photo is of a delightful Swedish sauna-inspired cafe in North Fitzroy (we discussed whether it was OK to take your clothes off when sharing a sauna with parents. Definitive ‘no’ vote). I don’t know the name of the cafe but the lattes were well received by my coffee-appreciating friends and me. I liked this place a lot.

I have one photo of a twin. That’s it. One photo. It’s so blurred I can’t tell which one it is. Lucky Liam and Oliver have Jess as a mother who takes plenty of photos for all of us. She could make up for a whole family of bad photographers. If I ever have a child I hope Jess is as diligent a photographer.

I started writing a list of highlights for my week in Australia but it was all great with the exception of Friday night in Bourke Street. I don’t know why an otherwise nice place can turn so awful so quickly one night week. Bleh. I won’t include the list because then I might be seen to be putting Elisa’s lasagne on par with seeing the twins and that just isn’t going to be well received by anyone is it?


One thought on “Australia: meagre photo offerings

  1. Josh

    Friday night in Bourke Street… ugh! Avoid it like the plague, the entire city even should be blocked to normal members of the human race from 4.30 pm. Normal file can be down Spring Street (Parliament side), and then, I’m not so sure… how to cross the Yarra minus Princess bridge? Normal file doesn’t go too far! Maybe, a normal safe haven in treasury gardens… but that wouldn’t last, it turn into an ungodly, unsightly piss-up of youth in about one week! No, full normal people’s lock out, from 4.30 pm on Fridays.

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