Oh hello Mr Prime Minister

I know you are dying to see what I wore to meet Krudd, so here are the official portraits:

Why Sarah, you’re funny and delightfully dressed. What an exemplary Australian.

Yes Brett, what you say is fascinating…but actually I am just too captivated by the young woman in the brown dress…

5 thoughts on “Oh hello Mr Prime Minister

  1. Josh

    I know Brett! Ha! Say hi from me! Once upon a time, donkeys years ago he played bass for me! And to see you all lined up with the PM! Tell him I still need a bass player! It’s “Position Open”!

  2. elbento.com

    I love the posture. Were u all told to do that or is it natural when u meet someone of importance?

    I think the real reason they told us to clasp our hands in primary school is so we wouldn’t pick our nose..

  3. yv

    Lovely! Were these press photos?

    I find that I clasp my hands at work a lot…mainly just because I don’t know what else to do with them while a million people look at me.

  4. elisa

    Shari Fortswana, you’re my hero.

    (I can’t believe you came to my house and I STILL didn’t give you your birthday present.)

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