What a busy day!

It has been a BUSY day. It all started with an emergency run to the doctor when my housemate slipped and NEARLY DIED, but actually just cut her head a little bit. Obviously I had to sit with her for a while to see if she was OK, so made it into the office shortly after lunch.

After checking emails and looking at photos of Liam and Oliver (WITHOUT tubes thank you very much) it was time to visit my favourite NGO in Aceh and take some new interns with me. We interviewed the head of the NGO who has a fascinating story and made us all kinds of excited and then we planned ways to get our bosses to let us go on a road trip to find out more about female ex-combatants. Didn’t cross much off my “must to before I go to Australia” list, and added more events preparing for the PM’s visit on Saturday to my overstocked calendar.

Now I will go home freakishly early (it’s not even 6pm yet) because I have to check on my ailing housemate…obviously.

2 thoughts on “What a busy day!

  1. Lara

    At work today one of my patients fell and slipped. I was the trip to the doctor! Such similar days we had.

  2. yvo

    That’s funny, Lara, because I’m actually currently nesting for my meeting with the PM.


    More details!

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