Birthday donuts

I missed posting yesterday, which really isn’t allowed if I want to meet my posting goals for 2008.

But here’s the odd thing about it: I didn’t post yesterday because I was bored. I was SO BORED that I couldn’t be bothered doing anything. I was immobilised by boredom! That would have to be the worst survival response I’ve come across.

Today I am back on track and will post some pictures my friend just gave me of my birthday in April. We went to the German restaurant, which is actually not really a German restaurant (but it does have weiner schnitzel on the menu, which makes me about as happy as I will ever be).

My housemate Sas came back from Jakarta the afternoon of my birthday and brought krispy kreme donuts as a birthday cake! Thanks Sas! Here we are eating them.

There was a lot of drama surrounding the distribution of donuts.

This is me saying “Sas, let’s be best friends so you bring me donuts every year”.

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