TWO cute babies.

I hereby present the eagerly anticipated photos of….




This photo of Liam makes me laugh every time I look at it. I’m sure I’m being stared down by him. Like he’s truly disgusted in me. You make me sick Sarah.

I asked Jess’s approval to post these pictures this morning, and her response was “YOU’D BETTER!” I think that means she likes the kids and wants to show them off.

Note that I didn’t need to frame Jess out of these pictures taken only a matter of hours after she gave birth to twins.

I will admit she does look a little tired. Maybe “I stayed up watching House too late last night” tired.

2 thoughts on “TWO cute babies.

  1. Robyn

    That is one very alert newborn! And I’m sure the stare was intended for you. I bet he’ll be a little sweeter on you when you get to visit. And I agree Jess is looking amazing! I had a dream the night before last in Jess’s honour actually…I gave birth to twin boys. The first one we called Thomas Matthew, and there were arguments about the naming of the second one because Alex wanted to call it Gardner…mmm hmmm. Weird. There are way more details that I could go into but I think it’d just make me seem even crazier. I’ll save them for your visit. It was THE most vivid dream I’ve had in about a million years!

  2. yv

    Or…”I just watched the whole series box set of Gilmore Girls, I haven’t seen daylight in 5 days tired.”

    Are they identical? Or fraternal?

    Do birth of multiples run in the family? Does this mean Sarah could give birth to multiples too?

    My friend once dreamed she gave birth to twins, and woke up with a cat in each arm.

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