And so the family grows

Yay for Jess, the babies are here! And in two weeks I get to see them!

The babies are commonly known as Oliver Benjamin and Liam Peter. I congratulate Jess and Mark on coming up with four good boy names all at once.

But here’s the bad news…Someone has already secured

Liam’s internet career is safe for now, but someone better get onto securing that domain quickly.

I don’t want to accuse Jess and Mark of bad parenting before the children are even a day old, but could you argue that not googling your child’s name before the name is formally assigned to said child is negligent?

Just in case someone reading this blog is weird, I don’t really believe you should google your child’s name before they are born. I mean, if you want to go right ahead.

3 thoughts on “And so the family grows


    Wow disclaimers! This really is becoming a legitimate blog. 😉

    Saw the boys tonight. Liam is a bit bruised from the ordeal, but both seem pretty healthy (to my keenly trained eye).

  2. Robyn

    Cool! Glad to hear all are well. Bet Jess is glad they’re on the outside now! Yep, that is a lot of names to have to come up with all at the same time! Does that bring it to equal numbers of nieces and nephews for you?

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