Whiteboard markers or monkeys. You choose.

I was just about to launch into a long reflection on the wonder of a whiteboard marker. Seriously, I had half of it written in my head. The core theme would be the complexity of human society, as reflected by the whiteboard marker in my office. Fortunately the phone rang and I got sidetracked. So no post about a whiteboard marker.

As you know, AYAD friends visited Aceh two weeks ago. We spent most of the weekend on Sabang. Here are some photos of

The little baby monkey I was terrorising by picking up. Look how cute and scared he is! P.S look at my robot arm! I have a claw!

On the ferry the way back from Sabang we sorted out who owed what for accommodation. We were dealing in the millions of Rupiah. Check out the piles of cash. I got to play banker. Fortunately we were in VIP class so it was normal to throw money around. Other people were smoking their money…Check out the pimpin’ couches we got to sit on. It was like we were kicking back in a cigar lounge and going places. Literally! I find this joke funny enough to carry on for a bit longer…We were crossing seas while climbing the social ladder! Oh man, that bombed.

Me and two other AYADs in my backyard. It’s way more fun out there when there are people to play with.

Yes, I was in every photo. A little egocentric perhaps?

1. It’s my blog, so I rule this kingdom.

2. I’m ‘borrowing’ Amy’s photos and it somehow lessens the wrongdoing in my mind if I don’t post photos of people who I (obviously, who has the time?) haven’t cleared it with.

2 thoughts on “Whiteboard markers or monkeys. You choose.

  1. Josh

    All time best blog. “I find this joke funny enough to carry on for a bit longer…We were crossing seas while climbing the social ladder! Oh man, that bombed.”

    It didn’t bomb! It was, like, the ULTIMATE!

    (And you know I, for one – out here on the Where is Sarah? Fanship! – would like to read more on the wonder of the white board marker! But the hint was enough! When you’re a poet of wonder, with insightful social critiqueing powers such as you obviously are, you don’t need to show the whole Panda Bear on the Wonder of the White Board Marker Japan Forest Trip! It’s implied by the paw, and the wonderful glimpse of black and white in the bushes! Why, we *paws* in silence!)

  2. yv

    1. I would too like to read about this magic whiteboard marker.
    2. The monkey looks terrified! But on the plus side, it’s cute, AND your arm is looking mighty toned AND tan!!!
    3. Why do white guys in that area always seem to be shirtless?
    4. Maybe you should consider a new job as a banker? You look very content dealing with wads of cash.

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