9 things to do before 2009

  1. Read five novels
  2. Cook dinner at home once a week (and invite at least one person to eat it)
  3. Write one story or essay to completion
  4. Go to Lake Toba
  5. Go scuba diving in Sabang
  6. Paint the ugly door in my bedroom
  7. Go on a day hike on the outskirts of Banda Aceh
  8. Make sushi in Banda Aceh
  9. Post on Where is Sarah? 150 times

This list seems so tame, and yet I might not even come close to achieving these goals. As I was typing the list into this post I revised the first goal to read “five” instead of “ten” novels (“come on Sarah, as if you would get through ten” I read like a turtle…if turtles could read, presumably they would be slow.)

I don’t like the sound of scuba diving at all, but it seems crazy not to try it once. Maybe I will even aim for it this weekend. It would be great to cross the awful things off my list first.

5 thoughts on “9 things to do before 2009

  1. Lars

    I like your list Sarah. I’ll get thinking about what mine will be and keep you posted. My current project is to knit a jumper for my new ipod nano (it seems I have a boyfriend who buys excellent and very generous presents!). The lake toba is a very important one – hopefully you’ll meet people like the canadian lady and norwegian fella we met at pulau weh!

  2. Steff

    Sarah, great to read your news, my lovely! So did you go scuba diving on the weekend? If not you soooooooo have to!!! It’s amazing and I’d love to join you in Indo. Diving in muddy lakes over here is not exactly what I’m into…;) And don’t worry too much, I was scared shitless the first time and then didn’t want to get out of the water!
    Over here things are good, and Gore St. seems to come to Berlin ;). Meeting Lily next week and Greg’s arriving in June. You should come, too!
    How much longer will you be in Aceh?
    Much love,


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