Today is Wednesday

  • The kittens were back on my doorstep last night. I put them in a box in the backyard (with help from the neighbour boys showing me how to grab and trap the kittens…oh dear), but they found their way to the front door again. I think the mother helped them over the very high fence to get there, so I will just let them love the front door.
  • I had dreams that made me angry last night. I really need to figure out a way to leave dream emotions behind, it’s really not helpful in daily life. The dreams were about foreigners on the beach with Acehnese locals, and the foreigners were wearing bikinis, which is a big no no. But it shouldn’t really be that anger-inspiring. When I went for an run just after waking up I couldn’t shake the anger, and when all the guards at the CHF office started their usual calling out, I yelled “STOP LOOKING AT ME!” I yelled in English, which makes it even funnier and more nonsensical. Fortunately, my housemate got offered a really great job in her home country at 6am this morning, so the jumping up and down with excitement shook any residual anger out.
  • I’ve just rediscovered the greatness of Weetbix! I think it’s the absence of oil and chili that makes me like them so much. I am eating these things for breakfast and lunch (not dinner, that would be crazy). And now, to compliment my regression into childhood, I am going to make a cup of Milo.

2 thoughts on “Today is Wednesday

  1. y

    I’ve had a weird dream about shopping in Turkey last night with my Istanbul flatmate and her friend. I kept on thinking about how expensive everything was. And for some reason I was wearing a lot of department store makeup freebies.

  2. Josh

    I too had a dream, last night, and mine curiously finished with the word Milo! The rest of the dream is maybe a bit complicated to relate here but I was surprised to read your blog finishing with Milo too! I had no v. real idea what Milo connected to when I recalled the dream, it was pretty much totally out of place. Thankyou for making some sense of it!

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