Procrastination post

I don’t have enough time to write proper posts at the moment, but I also desperately want to procrastinate, so I will just give bullet points.

* There was a snake in my house last week. It was lying by the dining room table and I thought it was dead because it was so still. So I ran for my camera and when I tried to take a photo it slithered into the corner. I ran away and when I checked in 10 minutes it was gone. I could only hope it had left through the back door I’d left opened. I walked around the house in sneakers for the rest of the morning (which is only funny if you know we take our shoes off when we’re inside the house, so it was kind of like walking around the house with an umbrella).

* I’m going to spend next week in Medan, the city of the future…after a nuclear war. I’ve posted photos of this beautiful grey city before, but I’ll be sure to let you all relive the magic next week. I get to stay in a pretty fancy hotel for the week. It has hot showers, a gym and a pool. There is also a shopping mall nearby with Starbucks and Dome. It’s going to be a busy week of training and trying to get my regular work done outside training hours, but it’s going to be done with a hot shower to start every morning, so I’m OK with that.
* In a couple of weeks Benjamin will be visiting, as will a couple of other AYADs who are posted in Java. I think we will be going to Sabang, the island near Banda Aceh to snorkel and relax to our heart’s content.
* I’m planning a week in Australia around the 14th of June. Please tell me now if that’s a good time to come (I’m 99% sure that certain babies will be born by then, which is the key deciding factor).
* Yesterday, when I arrived at my desk in the morning I found this:

2 thoughts on “Procrastination post

  1. Josh

    “so it was kind of like walking around the house with an umbrella”… I like that bit especially! Very good analogy!

    And late happy birthday from me too!(I did say Happy Birthday to Terrence, in the hope that he’d pass on the same to you! x)

  2. yvo

    i hope the snake (which i used to get confused with the word “snack” all the time when i was younger) doesn’t come back. they’re definitely bad news bears. maybe you should get a mongoose though (rikitikitavi!) just in case.

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