KL adventure sans laptop

I’m not so diligent that four days without posting is going to shock anyone, but I’d like to think you’re checking daily for updates, so I will save you the trouble. Tomorrow I am going to KL for four days, and….

I’m not taking my laptop.

I haven’t gone anywhere without it since I bought it a few months ago, but there is absolutely no reason for me to take it this time so I am forcing myself to leave it at home.

I doubt I will have anything so compelling to do that I will need to use an internet cafe, so I won’t be responding to emails either. My phone has roaming so if you need to contact me just call or text my regular Aceh number.

2 thoughts on “KL adventure sans laptop

  1. Meaghan

    Not taking your laptop? That’ll be like chopping off a limb. Good on you for being tough and leaving it behind. Think of all the things you’ll be able to do with your free time… drink uninterrupted cups of coffee, walk around not worrying that you’ll get mugged, not have to worry if there’s a power source nearby. How liberating.
    Oh, and I agree with the comment above – your post if likeable.

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