Bad internet and my birthday

Internet access is terrible at the moment. It cuts in and out throughout the day and is so slow that sometimes an email without an attachment will sit in my outbox for hours. But there is a greater concern that has far wider reaching ramifications…

I can’t upload photos to this blog.

All week I have been trying to upload photos from a concert I went to two weeks ago.

A million more things have happened since then and I’m stuck in the past.

Conveniently, last night at my birthday party my camera battery was flat so I have no photographic evidence of the night and thus it’s OK to post about my birthday without photos.

My Birthday. By Sarah L Fortuna
It was a pretty chill day, like most other work days. But when I chose not to do much work I didn’t feel guilty. That’s the specialness of birthdays.

In the evening a billion friends and I went to the German restaurant. It was tasty, tasty schnitzel goodness.

To top it off, my housemate who had flown in from Jakarta that afternoon brought Krispy Kreme donuts to represent a birthday cake! This was an excellent choice because western style cake here isn’t so delicious. (Local cakes are truly excellent but didn’t seem right for a birthday cake).

It was really lovely to hang out with all my Banda Aceh friends in one place. They are pretty much the coolest people in town, obviously, so my birthday dinner was like, the place to be.

Thanks everyone who wrote me emails, and posted on my facebook wall, and sent text messages. I had a steady flow of love all day and some extra love today. Birthdays are so excellent.


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