And my health degenerates further

I was at a party on Wednesday night (I know, how hardcore am I to go to a midweek party?) and I was getting bitten by so many mosquitoes. And they were SO itchy.

The next morning I was still itching like crazy, and over the course of the day it just got worse. It was then that I notices that these bites were hard and raised and not at all regular and, well, they were ALL OVER MY BODY.

Behold the hideousness:

Figure 1.1. My leg

Figure 1.2. My arm

My colleagues have many theories as to what caused this and most of them relate to food. The most common is that I’ve eaten too many prawns or too much Indomie (instant noodles). The cure is also almost always a food or drink. Green coconut has been a popular remedy. But no one can really decide if these are insect bites or some other kind of allergic reaction.

To get a second opinion I went to the doctor and it went like this:

Me: I have spots
Dr: When did it start?
Me: Most likely Wednesday
Dr: Is it itchy?
Me: Yes
Dr: OK. Roll up your sleeve. I’m giving you an injection. And then go to the pharmacy and collect two kinds of drugs and a cream.
Me: Ouch, that injection really hurt.

I don’t want to push negative stereotypes about Indonesian doctors, but seriously that was the extent of the consultation.

I went to the pharmacy and picked up the medication. About 40 tablets cost 2000 Rupiah, which roughly converted equals 20 cents. No wonder drugs get handed out like tic tacs.

Please, dear reader, tell me what is wrong with me.


2 thoughts on “And my health degenerates further

  1. Lars

    Oh dear. The problem with seeing pictures but not being able to ask questions or examine you is that it makes diagnosis much harder/impossible… I must say they do look like bites, but when you say intense itch I can’t rule out scabies (I don’t want to grose you out, but I’d be checking for burrows…). If you get any systemic symptoms- headache, stiff neck, you know the drill – call the Australian embassy and get out of there. I hope it’s settled down. Did the dr give you a cortisone injection or something more mysterious???

  2. elisa

    Holy crap!
    I look away for five seconds and now you’re dying!!
    They are some seriously impressive/disgusting little red bumps.
    Hope your cheap and bountiful drug regime clears it up!

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