A milestone and a medical anomaly all in one post!

I posted the long-awaited Bali photos, but because I started the post a week ago, you have to look below this and the previous post to find it.

All this messy half-posting and updating later allowed me to overlook a very special milestone.

My 100th POST!

My 100th post occurred almost exactly six months into the life of this blog (and my stay in Aceh obvs). I wonder if I will write another 100 posts over the next six months. Is this my standard posting rate? Only time will tell. But what it tells me now is that my current posting rate is very low. I have visions of updating daily but I’ve only squeezed out 100 posts in around 180 days. I will try to increase posting but we’re all going to have to make some sacrifices to realise this dream. Your sacrifice will be to lower your standards and except some very ordinary material. Thanks, I can really tell you guys are with me on this.

Now, to set the tone of the next six months of posting I will explore a fascinating subject: My pupils.

I woke up this morning and my eyes looked VERY dark. It was cool, but of course your eyes aren’t supposed to change colour (unless you’re one of those people whose eyes change colour). On close examination I realised my pupils were larger than usual and wondered if this was what is meant by ‘dilated pupils’. Is there a moment when large pupils cross over and become ‘dilated’?

To find out more I wikied ‘dilated pupils’ and this is the text and image it gave me (beware, it’s hideous):

is an excessive dilation of the pupil due to disease, trauma or drugs. Normally, the pupil dilates in the dark and constricts in the light. A mydriatic pupil will remain excessively large, even in a bright environment. Sometimes colloquially referred to as a “blown pupil.”

As my friend Jesse would say “that’s totally grodie”. I think he means gross, which is what I mean now. Clarification: this is NOT my eye.

So now that I’ve exhausted all scientific avenues (if it’s not in Wikipedia it doesn’t exist right?), maybe you guys can tell me what’s wrong with me. No, I am not taking drugs. Haha, funny.

3 thoughts on “A milestone and a medical anomaly all in one post!

  1. Sushi

    100 posts in 180 days is pretty impressive. My other blog is around 70 in 400~450 days, so you definitely have me there.

    Nice new look too (the blog, not your eye), Congrats!

  2. Meaghan

    Um, you’re eye sounds a little scary. Got some top notch medical options in Aceh?

    You can obviously still see if you’re able to blog, so we can rule out blindness.

  3. Josh

    Happy 100th to Where is Sarah? !


    (And, f.y.i, that’s 101 kisses to celebrate, with 1 more for both good measure, and for post 101!)

    x (that’s 1 for no reason!)It’s a Kissalanche!

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