Struggling to post

It is 100% STRUGS to write a post today. I’ve even uploaded lots of photos (usually the most boring part of posting process) and all I need is to add some commentary and I’m done. BUT I JUST CAN’T DO IT!

So instead I will give you a teaser photos of what is to come.

No, this photo isn’t a still from a film, this was taken in Bali. Don’t you think it looks like she’s found herself in a post-apocalyptic world and she’s just spotted a creature mutated by nuclear radiation? The crazy cow in the background can’t be bringing much comfort either.

This advertisement is AMAZING. The end, when they advertise the product (that I won’t mention on my blog with the hope of holding onto a string of integrity) is kind of lame.

3 thoughts on “Struggling to post

  1. Meaghan

    Hah! that photo was taken out the window of Marde’s car. Was attempting to get the cremation shrine. Glad I got the bobyless cow in though.

  2. Lars

    Hi Sarah,
    That song is by the Cinematic Orchestra – I put that CD on your computer when you came to visit. Have you listened? My favourite song from the album is number 2 or number 9 either of the ones with fontella bass singing anyway.
    And I shall surely look forward to your blog that is actually ABOUT bali!!!
    Happy easter.

  3. Ben

    I had the same thought re: lame ending when I saw the ad on tv here. And they came so close to matching the Sony ads..

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