Rocking Bali’s socks off and keeping the paps at bay

Last week there was a lack of inspiration and this week there is a lack of time. I don’t have enough time to write lots of words about Bali, but these photos are overdue. Probably all of these photos were taken by Meaghan and Beck.

Did I mention that we were traveling with a celebrity? Ryan was a HIT in Bali. He was pale, cute and smiled and laughed at EVERYONE (is there anyone that this kid doesn’t love?)

Here are just a few examples of Ryan-fever:

In the photo below Ryan is being held by our driver Made while some girls take photos of them both. This photo doesn’t even capture half of the extravaganza that was four girls spotting Ryan and going CRAZY.

Unfortunately it went to his head:

And it seems that I didn’t like sharing the spotlight at all:

Look at him…so smug and laughing. Yeah, it’s easy being on top Pal…just you wait. The death knell of your celebrity, Celebrity Big Brother is just around the corner for you.

When I was plotting my own comeback, I pretended to be Ryan’s friend. We went swimming.

We were all big fans of the pool.

Meags captured this postcard sunset when we had dinner at the ultra-deluxe La Luciolla. Oh my steak…I wish I could eat you all over again.

Sometimes it rained. A LOT.

Sometimes we rested with blankets over our heads.

One day we visited monkeys and spotted…A BABY!

Beck made a great nature documentary about this little guy’s bid for freedom that was curtailed (HA) when his mum grabbed his tail (HAHA). I’ve uploaded it to YouTube and will embed tomorrow.

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